Printtex India is determined to undertake the printing service with an unwavering focus on achieving the market leadership while excelling in every aspect to fulfill customers’ stringent requirements regarding superior quality, on-time delivery and environmental concerns.

Environment-friendly printing process opens scope for a varying range of high quality and supreme value garments. Whether it is Direct to Garment or Direct to Fabric Printing, Printtex India has set its style and trademark in every aspect of printing.

At Printtex India, almost all type of textiles fabrics could be printed in vivacious tonal as well as photographic effects, resulting wide-ranging innovative color riot of garments. The latest machineries imported assure many important product categories such as All over Prints, Garment Chest Prints, Home Textiles, and so on.

Machine Details

Rotary Printing
Model No. of. Col Repeat Capacity
STORMAC RD IV - 2 machines 10 64 Cm,82Cm & 91 CM 6000 kgs/day
STORMAC RD VI Gold 12 64 Cm,82Cm & 91 CM 8000 kgs/day

  • Maximum width : 70 inches

Chest Printing
Model No. of. Col Possible Size Capacity
M.H.M-AUSTRIA 10 70 X 100 CM 6000 Pcs/Day
We are having the following latest machines as below.
  • Automatic Rotary screen Exposing Machine
  • Slit Opening Machine
  • Ageing / Curing Machine
  • Pneumatic Transfer Machine
Print Types
  • Reactive, Discharge, Waterbase, Khadi, Glitter, Brosso, Thermo Chromic, Photo Chromic, Plastisol, Flock, High-Density, Foam, Transfer & More.
Print Repeat Size
  • Printtex India has print repeat size ranges 640 mm, 820 mm, and 914 mm. and maximum width capacity is 70 inches